Paul Meyer
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Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung, 30.8.2008 | Markus Lutz
Beim cantablen zweiten Thema [Bruckner, Bearbeitung der 7. Sinfonie für Ensemble] konnte sich Paul Meyer mit feinstem Klarinettenton in Szene setzen.

The Herald, 14.2.2008 | Michael Tumelty
SCO, City Halls, Glasgow
Paul Meyer is a figure of rare grace and relaxed elegance in classical music. It shows in the way he walks on stage. It shows in the unforced, stylish way he conducts. And it showed in the way the SCO played for him on Friday night throughout a programme that developed into an enthralling musical experience.
Paul Meyer's refined conducting of both the Mozart and Poulenc works on Friday, allied to the SCO's polished and aristocratic performances, not only denounced such mistaken perceptions of the compositions but made a strong case for their being paired in a concert programme.